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How to Grow Your Own Sprouts & Their Benefits

Growing your own sprouts could not be easier! They take about 6-7 days to fully sprout and don't need to be in the sun to grow. They are a lot cheaper to grow vs. buying them in a grocery store, and growing them will allow you to eat them as fresh as they get, because let's be honest, when you buy sprouts in a grocery store they've usually already gone a little bad and are a bit more smelly and slimy.. no one likes that.

I include sprouts in my diet on a daily basis because of how many amazing benefits they have! They are jam packed with beneficial nutrients and have really awesome health-supporting qualities. I love this post on sprouts and their benefits from the Medical Medium.

Not sure what to eat sprouts with? I love incorporating sprouts in my diet in the following ways:

  • On top of salads

  • In smoothies (great way to sneak extra greens into your diet)

  • In nori rolls (recipe here)

  • In a sandwich

  • On top of soups/stews

  • Or just eaten as is with a splash of lemon juice and a sprinkle of spices!

As you can see, you can add sprouts to pretty much any dish.

So how do you grow your own sprouts? First, you'll want to buy yourself sprouting trays to make the process as easy as possible. I use the one from Kitchen Crop which can be bought here. Second, you'll want to buy your favorite type of seed to sprout. My favorite is alfalfa sprouts, but you can also grow radish sprouts, broccoli sprouts and fenugreek sprouts. You can find the sprouting seeds off amazon or sometimes at your local grocery store.

Once you have your seeds and sprouting trays, put 1 tbsp of seeds in each sprouting tray. Sprinkle them on the tray so they are evenly spread throughout the tray. Stack the trays in between the green top and bottom and pour 2 cups of water in the top green tray 2-3 times a day. Each time you water them, make sure to rotate which tray is closest to the top and dump out the old water from the bottom green tray every time you water. That means every time you water it, put the top tray on the bottom so each tray get's a turn at receiving the fresh water from the top.

Continue to do this for 6-7 days until your sprouts are fully grown. Store in the fridge for up to a week once they are done growing.

I hope you enjoy all the benefits of sprouts and try growing your own at home!


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